About Us

GAMA Trading

As a corporation incorporated in 1959, the activities of GAMA in the domains of trade and tourism are executed by GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc. GAMA has started its trading operations in 1981. The trading operations performed by GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc. are as listed hereunder:

  • Engineering vehicles sales and after-sales services,
  • Turn-key delivery of mobile surgical hospitals and mobile first aid stations,
  • International trading of industrial and construction materials,
  • Project-based complete supplies and solutions, and
  • Procurement and logistics services

GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc. is currently under exclusive distributorship agreements with the Zoomlion Group (Zoomlion International Trade Co. Ltd., Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd., and CIFA S.p.A.) concerning the marketing, sales and after sales services of tower cranes, truck and trailer, urban and stationary concrete pumps, and concrete distribution towers in Turkey.

GAMA Trading offers turn-key solutions for mobile hospitals and first aid stations, including planning, design, detailed engineering, supply, assembly, system integration, and training and logistics services.

The firm has delivered Turkey’s first “Mobile Surgical Hospital and Mobile First Aid Station” to the disposal of the Turkish Armed Forces for use in both peace and war, under the scope of the contract concluded with T. R. Ministry of National Defense, Undersecretariat of Defense Industries, and With the experience and know-how acquired with this project, Company has commenced the marketing activities in Turkey and abroad for the turn-key supply of mobile surgical field hospitals and similar mobile solutions.

GAMA Trading engages with sales of materials and equipment required by domestic and foreign building and industrial plant constructions by means of its agencies and vendors. The firm further offers consultancy, procurement and logistics services for such projects. GAMA Trading and Tourism, Inc. is carrying-out its trading activities through the head office in Ankara, and liaison offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana and 40 service points in Turkey and utilizes its international activities through GAMA offices worldwide.

The Quality Management System implemented by GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc.  has been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certifications have been accredited by UKAS (UK) and TURKAK (Turkey). Inspired by the motto “Creates value with expertise”, GAMA Trading continues to present a profitable and consistent growth by virtue of its technical know-how, customer oriented insight and dedicated personnel and the products that add value and facilitate the businesses of its customers, thus maintains its standing amongst prominent actors of the sector and continues to improve its operations.