Compliance Management and Codes of Conduct

Compliance Management Program

We are well aware that corruption, bribery and abuse not only has devastating effects on social and political systems, but also inflict severe pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages on companies, destroy corporate reputation, cause unfair competition, prevent entrepreneurship, cause the  investor and society to lose trust in the business world, weaken free market and threaten economic stability. . While awareness and sensitivity on these matters increase globally and in Turkey day by day and rapidly, many globally well-known companies, banks, non-governmental organizations, foundations/associations and enterprises, which are experts in their fields,  are introducing and implementing a “Corporate Anti-Corruption Programs and Code of Conduct” which constitutes the building blocks of conducting business in accordance with ethical principles.

GAMA Holding and its Group Companies in previous years at their Board of Directors have adopted and introduced the aforementioned principles. Within this framework, as a natural result and part of the culture of how it conducts business through ethical principles, which GAMA has developed since its foundation to date, the “Anti-Corruption Program” and “GAMA Holding – Code of Conduct” have been drafted and put into force in August 2016 at GAMA Holding and its relevant affiliated companies.

Basic principles of GAMA Holding Code of Conduct:

Ethical values, justice, fairness, honesty, neutrality and responsibility. These values are the basic principles of GAMA. GAMA carries out activities with its shareholders, employees, business partners and community in line with its ethical values.

  • GAMA complies with PACI Principles (World Economics Forum – Partnering Against Corruption Initiative) and has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding bribery and corruption. GAMA employees always look out for the company’s interests, without conflict of interest.
  • GAMA establishes communication strategies and policies that ensure the continuity of relationships in the framework of respect and trust with the institutions and organizations cooperated. As GAMA’s representatives, employees must act in the light of ethical, honest, transparent, continuous and accountability principles within and outside the organization. Institutions are also expected to act in accordance with the ethical values of GAMA.
  • All are activities are carried out in full compliance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey as well as relevant national and international legislation. While undertaking legal liabilities pertaining to any kind of our activities we approach the organizations and institutions without expecting any advantages, and stay neutral whilst keeping an equal distance.
  • For the realization of sustainable development GAMA Holding is aware of the fact that efforts to raise the welfare level and assure economic growth must be done by preserving the environment and protecting the quality of life of the society.
  • In addition to providing economic continuity in business, GAMA is responsible for employee happiness regarding work and labour force applications  thinking about the contribution to society, human health and ecological environment.
  • The personal rights of our employees are fully and appropriately ensured. GAMA provides a fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

Every year we continue to prepare a “Codes” document in 5 different languages, to distribute to relevant personnel and Business Partners and to give training to all personnel on the content subjects  in order to ensure that they are adopted, disseminated and are sustainable by GAMA employees and GAMA’s business partners. We apply the relevant GAMA Procedures in force, which are updated based on the GAMA Holding Code of Conduct.

In addition, a “Hotline” (0 850 205 4204) is in use  through which GAMA Employees, Business Partners and all parties outside of GAMA can make their complaints or disclose experienced or possible conflicts of interest, GAMA Code of Conduct violations and illegal applications in a confidential and safe manner.

Within the framework of the aforementioned, our perseverance and determination to sustain our works regarding “Compliance Management and all relevant matters” continues, which we have adopted and give utmost importance to.