Human Resources Programmes

Effective Performance Management

With our performance management program, we create a common understanding of GAMA Holding’s vision and objectives, measure the effectiveness of the activities carried out and ensure that our employees understand their contribution to corporate success. We support the continuous development of our employees through goal setting, goal prioritization, measurement, feedback and growth planning processes. We facilitate the operation of the process with an effective technological infrastructure.

GAMA Academy

We continue to invest in our employees, our most valuable asset, with the GAMA Academy, which we launched in 2017. Together with GAMA Academy, we are building, developing and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of GAMA Holding and its affiliates’ corporate learning processes. We aim to make GAMA a school and in-depth expertise center in the sector. For this purpose, we prepare our professional expertise programs for our areas of expertise by our internal trainers. We are preparing internal trainer development programs for our internal trainers who are the greatest architects of continuous development.

With the development activities provided by GAMA Academy in the field of leadership, we aim to develop the leaders who will carry GAMA to the future. Within the scope of GAMA Leadership Programs; we support the leadership development of our employees with, self-leadership, leadership of others and business leadership development programs; we offer environments where managers and professionals from different fields and backgrounds can share their knowledge and experience. In addition, we support individual and corporate development by conducting GAMA Mentoring and Coaching Programs.

At GAMA Academy, we design a learning and development process by bringing together the methods that will best suit the learning needs and learning preferences of each employee. For this purpose, we use various learning tools ranging from classroom trainings to e-learning. We also include digital resources, libraries and sharing environments within the e-Academy for learning purposes.

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Activities for our Potential Employees

In order for the university students to learn about the business life, to gain work experience and prepare for life after school, we carry out activities that mutually benefits and adds value to our institution, the universities and the university students.

From some of our events:

Compensation Management

Job grades, sectoral salery market and institutional pay policy form the basis of GAMA compensation management. We apply a fair pay policy to all employees based on the value they create, their contribution and responsibility levels.