Energy Efficiency

Our aim is to integrate a systematic approach that takes energy saving as a basis and is based on the principles of conservation of resources, taking into account the priority of human health and safety and the comfort of the working environment, into our daily life.

The principles that we will focus on to achieve this goal are;

  • To operate in compliance with relevant legislations and standards in force and other requirements within the scope of energy consumption, use and efficiency,
  • To use resources in a sustainable and efficient way, by protecting the environment and preventing pollution with the awareness of “Environmental Consciousness”,
  • To improve energy performance and Energy Management System continuously, to provide necessary information and resources to achieve goals and objectives,
  • To promote designs that improve energy performance,
  • To use energy efficient products and services and to consider human health and safety and environmental effects in any material we use,
  • To minimize the effect of energy production on the environment by encouraging energy saving.

In line with these principles, we aim to increase values added to society, eliminate conditions harmful to the environment and increase energy saving awareness. In addition, we are aware that the adoption and understanding of these principles by all of our employees and stakeholders is the basis for achieving our goals.

We Hold Turkey’s first “LEED-EB GOLD” Certificate

GAMA has been awarded the “LEED- EB GOLD” Leading Energy and Environment Friendly Design (LEED) gold certificate, a first for Turkey, in 2012 in the “Existing Buildings Category” developed by the Green Buildings Council (USGBC) which is given to buildings that comply with the green building standards. Within the scope of this effort, there have been sustainable improvements in the GAMA Building, regarding Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation in Design and Regional Priority.

As GAMA, we undertake to;

  • Consider human health and safety and environmental effects in any material we use,
  • Protect the environment by using resources efficiently,
  • Prevent environmental pollution through a well-defined waste management system,
  • Minimize the impact of energy production on the environment by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources and encouraging energy savings and,
  • Commit to raise awareness in the name of all our stakeholders regarding environmental issues and to ensure continuous improvement in carbon footprint issues.

Within the scope of the energy efficiency efforts carried out in our building in 2012, without creating any additional costs,  our energy consumption has decreased; 27% in natural gas, 20% in electricity, and the water use reduced by 31.5% when compared to the same period of the previous year,  as a result of an intensive 14 month work.

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